Getting ready for Christmas

David posed the question what have we been doing during the lockdown. Well it was a bit difficult at first because all the things I normally did had closed. No church services or coffee morning and no clubs or other chances to meet up with people.

However I developed a new way to fill the time. Still some of the old watching television, but of course now standing in queues to buy food etc,, and avoiding the long ones where possible.

I’ve been ringing friends for a chat one is house bound and one partially and offering to buy items they might want.

It has given me no excuse for getting on with making the blanket in Granny Squares that I’m making for a couple of friends as a Christmas present. I want it to cover and hang down on a standard double bed of 4 and 1//2 foot. I’m making good progress, I’ve nearly completed thre quarters of it; and as the lockdown will continue for a nother three weeks at least, I shall have nothing to distract me from the task. I’m going to finish it with a nice border and one I’ve used on three smaller projects.

I’m still looking forward to the time when we  are back to normal and can attend services again.

I wish everyone at St Elisabeth’s good health and best wishes.