What`s the point of Ash Wednesday and Lent?

What`s the point of Ash Wednesday and Lent?

Wednesday 6th March this year is known by many as Ash Wednesday, which begins the season of Lent. Lent lasts for five weeks and is the build-up to Easter, traditionally being seen as a time for self-reflection leading to a renewal of faith come Easter Morning.

Some churches, us included, hold a communion service on Ash Wednesday during which those who attend are invited to be marked on the forehead with ash in the sign of the cross. The rituals we use to express who we are are very important. This symbol, ash, is to remind us that we are human, that we are mortal and that we are in need of God’s love, symbolised most definitely by the cross. Its in accepting  God`s love tht we begin to reach our full potential as human-beings created by God.

The season of Lent, therefore, is a time for us to consider what it means to be human, about how we may grow as individuals in relation with God and how this affects others. This is not about following a self-help regime, rather, the season of Lent provides a season to think afresh about how our relationship with God is and how we can purposefully deepin it.

How may you use the season of Lent for self-reflection? This is more than giving up chocolate or alcohol for Lent. It’s about time spent purposefully reflecting on who we are and what does it mean to recognise that we have been created by God. Simply, may you find the season of Lent helpful in your Christian journey. 


Rev David Gillard